Wedding and special event facility information


San Clemente Presbyterian Church offers beautiful ocean and garden views surrounded by classic Spanish architecture, fountains and stained glass windows that provide the perfect setting for your wedding. Both indoor and outdoor ceremony and reception sites are available - suitable for both intimate and larger gatherings. With mild temperatures and beautiful surroundings, your special day will be one of elegance and distinction.


For more information about wedding fees and availability, please contact Becky Abell, Event Coordinator, at 949.492.6158 X40 or babell@scpres.org or 949.370.0510

San Clemente Presbyterian Church Event Spaces



Our contemporary sanctuary is complemented by gorgeous stained glass windows and a high quality sound/video system that ensures that no one will miss a moment of your special day. Designed in warm earth tones that will harmonize with any theme, the sanctuary is surrounded by comfortable waiting areas, easily accessible parking and walkways, all overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the seaside city of San Clemente.

Maximum seating: 700


Designed in traditional Spanish style, the stone and dark wood construction, hand crafted stained glass windows, and solid oak mission doors invite you in. Opening up directly into the lush prayer garden and courtyard, the warmth of this venue is perfect for any intimate gathering of family and friends.

Maximum seating: 125


Fellowship Hall is a large venue constructed with vaulted wood beam ceilings with plenty of natural light and an open feel perfect for large events. It boasts a large, fully equipped kitchen, as well as a beautifully appointed aesthetic that can host a variety of events: City meetings, Assisteens, Pancake Breakfasts, wedding receptions, and anniversary parties are only a few of the events that have utilized the hall.

Maximum seating with tables: 200; Maximum theater seating: 350


The open patio offers a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere and can be adapted to suit any occasion. This site boasts views of the Pacific along with a cool ocean breeze, palm trees and lush greenery to compliment your event. The patio is a perfect outside venue for weddings, wedding receptions, banquets, birthday parties, anniversary parties, holiday parties, and special events of all types.

Maximum seating with tables: 180 Maximum theater seating: 250




San Clemente Presbyterian Church has many rooms that can accommodate groups of all sizes. Due to our centralized location in downtown San Clemente, this is the perfect place for a business, or association meeting to take place for maximum attendance.  Conference accommodations, with several rooms in use at once, are also available during the day as well as in the evenings. Internet, audio, and video capabilities are available in some rooms.



ROOM CONDITION/ FACILITIES INFO — Church facilities should be left as originally found unless custodian is paid to reset the room after the event.  The group reserving any room must accept the responsibility for picking up all items brought to the room by that group and leaving all tables and chairs clean.

  1. If a room is used on a Thursday through Saturday, please return the room to its “Sunday morning” condition.
  2. Report to the Facilities Manager any unclean or irregular situation you may find when your group arrives so that they can be corrected in a quick and timely manner.
  3. Prior to the event, a contact number will be given for emergencies and to report problems.
  4. If food is to be served in your designated area, be sure to remove all trash and leave the room in the same condition as you found it. Trash should be carried to the dumpster at the rear of the Fellowship Hall.
  5. Groups or organizations using the facilities will be responsible for any and all damages to the church property caused during the meeting.
  6. The church will not be liable for personal belongings that may be left or damaged as a part of the meeting.
  7. Please be aware that several groups may use the facility at one time. It is important to stay in your designated area to avoid interfering with other activities.


FELLOWSHIP HALL’S KITCHEN — Access to the kitchen will be only authorized by reserving this area with the Event Coordinator and church’s calendar.  Kitchen areas must be left clean. There is to be no food left in the refrigerator or freezer.  Place all dirty linens and towels in hamper in dishwasher room.  A clean-up fee will be required if kitchen is left unclean.  Food and beverage service must be approved in advance of event.


CHILD SAFETY — If room is being used for childcare, it must be approved by the Event Coordinator, along with our head Childcare attendant. The room must be returned to the same condition in which it was found. All toys must be cleaned with antibacterial wipes and the trash must be taken out.

  1. It is required that children (anyone under the age of 12) be supervised and in the company of an adult at all times and not allowed to wander throughout the buildings.


OTHER HELP — The group using the facilities will arrange for whatever help is needed to serve food, set, clean tables, remove tablecloths, wash and dry kitchen equipment and put away kitchen equipment in proper storage rooms.  This must be requested and approved when reserving the function with the Event Coordinator.


SECURITY/LOCKING-UP — the renter must be present at all times and is responsible for the building and the people in it.

  1. The requestor is responsible for closing and locking all doors before exiting the premises. Upon exiting, please double check the doors to make sure they “click” shut.
  2. Check all rooms to be sure the lights have been turned out. Open the bathroom doors and make sure those lights are out also. If the kitchen was used, the lights should be off and the doors shut to this area.
  3. For night events, it is recommended that two people lock the facility.


NO SMOKING and NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are permitted inside or outside any buildings on the Church campus.


STORAGE — SCPC does NOT have any storage available for any regular or occasional group events.  We are not responsible for items left or lost in our facilities.


FEES — A Fee Sheet is available for the asking and all fees are due two-weeks prior to any event.


Signage — With prior approval the group using the facility may post a temporary sign at the entrance to the parking lot one hour prior to the event. The sign must be removed at the conclusion of the event.

  1. Please do not tape, staple or nail signs to surfaces inside the building. Consult the Events Coordinator for suggestions on how to post signs inside the building.

(949) 492-6158  |  119 North Avenida de la Estrella  |  San Clemente, California, 92672