Memorial Information


San Clemente Presbyterian has a team of gifted and tender-hearted people who will help guide a family through the planning and preparation for a memorial service and reception if you choose to have one here. Whether you are a member or not, we want to serve you in this time of need. In the Presbyterian tradition, a memorial service is done in the context of a worship service where in Christ we find our hope and consolation. However, there is room for families to customize the service. We also have a team of ordained pastors who are available to officiate if you need a pastor. Either way, the Memorial Team at San Clemente Presbyterian will walk you and your loved one through every step from the order of service to the color of tablecloths if you choose to have a reception here. The Memorial Team volunteer and the events coordinator will meet with you as soon as possible to talk about the service and any related costs.


Please call or email Becky Abell (Events Coordinator) (949)492-6158 ext 40; or Helen Bluett (949)492-9408 cell: (949)230-7714; or Diane Olsen (949)361-3532 cell (949)533-5412 (Memorial Team Coordinators)

(949) 492-6158  |  119 North Avenida de la Estrella  |  San Clemente, California, 92672