Play. Pray. Learn. Grow.

Our Philosophy


Children learn and develop best in a safe, loving and nurturing environment. At San Clemente Presbyterian Preschool, each child comes to know that they are a precious gift from God. We

provide an excellent educational experience and a Christian atmosphere, while

meeting the developmental needs of the children.



Our Program


Our program provides a curriculum for all learning domains and is designed to meet

the developmental needs of the whole child (aesthetic, affective, cognitive, language, physical, social and spiritual). We are developmentally appropriate. Developmental appropriateness is defined in two parts: a) age appropriateness, or the universal, predictable sequences of growth and change that occur in children as they go through their early years of life, and b) individual appropriateness or the

unique growth sequence of each child with their own pattern and timing, as well as

individual personality, learning style, and family background experiences.


Preschool children learn mainly through active "hands‐on" participation. We provide

many opportunities for children to learn through class instruction and personal

discovery. Preschool teachers utilize children's group activities, small‐group lessons,

one‐on‐one instruction and free play to promote social awareness, personal

responsibility, autonomy, language development and pre‐reading, scientific and

mathematical concepts.


We provide a safe, supportive, loving and nurturing environment and understand

that a child's basic needs must be met before learning can occur. By using a guidance approach, children will learn while having fun, develop positive self‐esteem and build a foundation of fundamental life skills. A child's learning develops through responsive adults, active hands‐on participation, and meaningful experiences.



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